Suggested Fishing Tackle

We carry a complete selection of Boundary Waters tackle in our store.

Topwater (minnow imitating baits):

  • Rapala Floaters
  • Floating & small lipped Frogs
  • Rebel Floaters
  • Buzz Baits
  • Smithwick Rattlin Rogue

Topwater (prop baits):

  • Heddon Torpedoes (tiny & baby)
  • Cotton Cordel Crazy Shad
  • Smithwick Devils Horse
  • Zara Spooks (no propropeller)

Medium Running Lures (crank baits, etc.):

  • Rapala Shad Raps  size 5,7,8,9
  • Rebel Deep Wee R
  • Bomber Model "A"  2½, 3½
  • Rebel Crawfish
  • Beetle Spins
  • Mepps Spinners
  • Smithwick Suspending Lures
  • Weedless Spoons
  • Hot-N-Tots
  • Mann's Deep Divers

Deep Running Lures:

  • Rattlin Rapala
  • Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap
  • Rebel Deep Crawfish
  • Northland Reed Runner
  • Jigs ½ - 1½ oz
  • Northland Stinger-Bucktail
  • Dearie Spinner
  • Heddon Sonar 
  • Dardevl, Doctor, KB or Red Eye Spoons ½ - 1 oz,                

One of the most versatile and effective combinations for all fish.  3" and 4" plastic tails, colors:  yellow, white, green, chartreuse, black, smoke and orange, along with a selection of lead jigheads 1/8, ¼ , 3/8 can be combined with spinner blades.

Lindy rigs, Northland bait spinner rigs in crawler, leech or minnow versions, or make your own rigs.  Bring a selection of #2, #4 or #6 hooks.  Slip sinkers or split shot in 1/8, ¼ or 3/8 oz.  Barrel swivels size 8 or 10.

Two rods and reels of your choice, spools of 6 to 10lb line, stringer, fillet knife, sharpening stone.  Tackle should be contained in small tackle box that can be easily packed.  One landing net per canoe.

Fly rods should be at least a 6 or 7 weight to cast the larger flies necessary to catch fish such as smallmouth bass and northern pike.

Intermediate and full sinking weight-forward lines work well for fishing lakes.  Floating weight forward lines work great when the bass and pike are in the shallows.

Should be 2X to 4X depending on the skill of the fisherman.

To numerous to name them all.  Have a small selection of wet and dry flies.  Nymphs, streamers and hard bodied hair and sponge bugs.  Trolling flies on heavily weighted lines work well for fishing deeper later in the year.