Northern Pike

Northern Pike are one of the most explosive fish found in North Country lakes. Their sheer size (Minnesota state record 45 lbs, 12 oz. caught in a Boundary Waters lake) and power-producing body structure make the Pike an angler's dream.


Northern Pike are very opportunistic and seek out concentrations of baitfish. This feeding pattern can work to an angler's advantage especially during the spring and early summer pattern.

Walleye and Smallmouth Bass are usually found in the shallower water at this time. Drifting large sucker minnows, casting minnow baits, spoons, or spinner baits along shorelines and near emerging vegetation should produce plenty of action.

During midsummer when the majority of fish are located in deeper water try fishing the breaks along shorelines or submerged rock piles and points. There are no absolutes in fishing. Be versatile. Keep checking different depths until you find success.