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2017 Basswood Lake Permit Lottery

The permit lottery for Basswood Lake motor permits is coming up! The deadline is Wednesday, January 11th. This permit drawing is for all motor boat permits (overnight camping and day use) accessing Basswood Lake in the BWCA. Give us a call today to get your name in the drawing!

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2016 BWCA Permit Lottery

It is once again almost time for the Boundary Waters Permit Lottery. The lottery applies to all Basswood Lake motor boat permits for day use and overnight camping. The Basswood Lake entry points are #25 Moose Lake and #24 Fall Lake. Lottery applications must be submitted by Tuesday, January 12th. Give us a call at (800) 777-8572 to reserve your spot today! 

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Fall Specials



Robertson11.jpgFall is one of our favorite seasons in the Wilderness.   Not only is it a beautiful time of year with the leaves changing colors and birds migrating south, but the fishing can be fantastic!  The colors are just starting to turn and there is still time to get in a quick trip to see the Canoe Country in all her splendor.  BWCAW permits are issued until September 30th…for those starting in October it’s considered the “off season” and permit reservations are not needed!  Here is a list of some of our great fall specials we are offering in 2015:



  • October Fishing – Deluxe Tent Camp on Basswood Lake.  Let us do the work of setting up and taking down your camp!  We offer the best accommodations, service, equipment and food on the lake!  You will have all the comforts of home, including a tent heater!  This package comes standard with boat/motor and fresh food!  The October Special rate has a two person minimum with taxes, fuel, bait, fishing licenses being extra.   


5 day self guided DTC is only $625/person                 


5 day fully guided DTC is only $1,250/person          



  • Wilderness Canoe Trips…save up to 20% off outfitting rates with a 2 person minimum…call today for details.



  • Whitetail deer hunts within the three million acre Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and the Superior National Forest, situated along the Minnesota/Canadian Border.  This fully guided hunt gives you the advantage of having a full time knowledgeable guide in camp for your entire hunt.  This fully outfitted trip includes fresh food.    


Image4044.jpgArchery Whitetail Hunt – 8 day guided hunt…October 24 – October 31


Rifle Whitetail Hunt – 8 day guided hunt…November 6 – November 13


Rifle Whitetail Hunt – 8 day guided hunt…November 15 – November 22


1 hunter……………………..$3,000.00


2 or more hunters………$2,195.00 each


Call us today at 800-777-8572 for more information






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The Cedar Tree

There are a number of natural wonders that enhance any trip in canoe country: waterfalls, wildlife and the aurora borealis to name a few.  On Basswood Lake, near Prairie Portage, stands a natural wonder many people pass by, never knowing it exists.  At the end of a shallow bay, near the water’s edge, stands a cedar tree that sprouted more than a millennium ago.  Estimated to be around 1,100 years old this Eastern White Cedar (also known as Northern White Cedar or swamp-cedar) is definitely worth a visit, perhaps on the way home from your next Basswood fishing trip. Speaking of...our guides report great bass fishing and lots of walleye when the wind provides that “walleye chop.”

We look forward to seeing you soon!


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BWCA Permit Lottery

The Boundary Waters permit lottery is coming up fast!  The deadline for permit entries is Tuesday, January 13th.  The lottery applies to all permits through #24 Fall Lake and #25 Moose Lake, including overnight motor and day-use motor permits.  Give us a call at (800)777-8572 to reserve your spot today!

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