Wilderness Outfitters offers a Complete Outfitting Package for our organized groups needing canoes, gear, and our trail-tested food supplies. With the Organized Complete Outfitting Package you can leave the details to us.

Show up with your clothes, fishing gear, and personal items and we'll have your canoe, gear, and food pack waiting, ready to be loaded for your departure.

Our Organized Complete Outfitting Package includes the following:

  • 17' Lightweight Aluminum Canoe (65 lbs.)
  • Aluminum Lightweight Paddles
  • Portage Yolk
  • Stearns Life Jackets
  • Eureka Timberline Tents
  • Slumberjack Sleeping Bags (freshly laundered)
  • Foam Sleeping Pads
  • Organized Group Menu or Vegetarian Menu
  • Aluminum Cook Kit with cooking and eating utensils
  • Duluth Style Packs with padded straps
  • Rain Tarp or Kitchen Fly
  • Axe, Saw, Folding Shovel
  • Fire Grates (Canadian Trips only)
  • Extra Rope, Rain Poncho
  • Coleman Stove and Lantern (upon request)
  • Complete Trip Routing and Briefing Session
  • Hauling, Showers, and Parking

Complete Lightweight Outfitting:

Length of Trip

Daily Rate Per Person

3 - 4 days $64.00
5 - 6 days $60.00
7 or longer $56.00

Discounts Off the Above Rates:

  • Price based on group size of 8 or more.
  • If group size is less than 8, add 15% to the above rates.
  • Leadership allowance entitles one free with every 10 people.
  • Deduct $3.00 per person per day if you bring your own sleeping bags.
  • Deduct $2.00 per person per day if you bring your own tents.

If you would like less weight and bulk, upgrade your outfitting with our Kevlar or Duralite canoe for $9.00 per person per day.

(the above rates are per person, per day)


Guide Service:

A guide can add greatly to your wilderness experience. The guide helps with the work load, improves your fi shing skills, and opens your wilderness experience with insight to your surroundings. Cost of guides varies, but budget $200.00 per day, plus his daily outfi tting rate (of $50.00 per day) & 3% USFS user fee.

Tow Boats:

Can save a day's paddling on either end of trip.

To Ensign Portage $30.00
To Birch Lake or Prairie Portage $30.00
Moose Lake to Prairie Portage to Washington Island $70.00
Moose Lake to Prairie Portage to Back Bay Portage $75.00

All tows have a 3%USFS user fee. All tows beyond Prairie Portage have a vehicle portage fee. All tows beyond Prairie Portage to Basswood Lake have a three person minimum. All tow prices are subject to change pending coast guard regulations.

Transportation From Duluth & Hibbing Airports:

We can pick you up in Duluth by Van for $200.00 or Hibbing for $160.00 (both one way quotes for a van holding up to 8 people). Fuel surcharge may be added.

Bunkhouse Accommodations are available in town within walking distance to restaurants and shopping. Each room sleeps up to 4 people and has central showers, off street parking and is only $14.00 per person.