Fly In Canoe Trips

Wilderness Outfitters will arrange for you to fly in to a remote lake located on the edge of the Quetico Provincial Park. The Fly-in...Fly-out option allows the canoe country adventurer maximum time for fishing and exploring on a remote wilderness lake.

Whether you want to battle trophy, rod-bending fish or relax in the tranquility of a wilderness get-a-way, this trip will exceed your every expectation. From the time your floatplane leaves the water you will be rewarded with beautiful views of deep-blue lakes and impossibly green forests.

Wilderness Outfitters can arrange for all your outfitting needs including the most lightweight Synthetic Canoes, complete lightweight food package, and state-of-the-art camping gear in addition to professional guiding services.

Fly In Destinations:

Traveling through seldom visited lakes, rivers, and forests allows the paddler to experience a true wilderness adventure similar to the voyageurs who paddled these same lakes hundreds of years ago.

From the moment you take off, an incredible adventure unfolds beneath the fuselage of your plane as hundreds of miles of lakes pass beneath your wing. After a brief stop at Canadian Customs, we fly you directly to one of four ranger stations situated on the perimeter of the 1800 square mile Quetico Provincial Park.

Our experienced wilderness guides will provide personal routing services, reviewing the map with you in detail, marking the top spots for walleye, smallmouth bass, lake trout and northern pike. We pinpoint historic sites, Ojibwa rock paintings, frothy waterfalls ...and detail the best campsites along the route.

Fly in Lakes:

Please call for exact flight costs. All flight rates are one-way based on 4 people and 2 canoes (if 2 canoes are needed use stackable canoes only).

Note: All prices are subject to change, fuel surcharges may be added. Remote Area Crossing Permits may be needed.

Extra Fees: Camping equipment, tax, camping and permit fees, and fishing licenses are not included in rates.  All persons returning to the United States by air will be required to show a valid passport!

Saganaga Lake

This is a large lake which lies on the eastern edge of the BWCAW and Quetico Park. The lake was a very important link in the fur trade route with a trading post located near Saganaga Falls. This area was also home to many Chippewa Indian families. The great fishing starts here with walleye, northern pike, lake trout and smallmouth bass. From this entry you have many canoe route options for either BWCAW or Quetico Park trips.
approximate flight price: $1,400.00

Lac LaCroix

This is another fly-in trip with the option to use the BWCAW or Quetico Park. There are many interesting canoe routes to choose from upon leaving this entry point. Lac LaCroix is home to a spectacular rock bluff covered with historic Chippewa Indian pictographs (rock paintings). Work your way back to Ely along the heavily fought for fur trade route and International border with Canada. Fantastic fishing through some of the most fertile waters in the boundary waters.
approximate flight price: $1,222.00 (includes tow service)

Beaverhouse Lake

Fly to the northwest edge of Quetico Park and take 9 to 10 days coming back through majestic scenery, magnificent rivers and pine-rimmed lakes. Travel through the very heart of Quetico Park, sampling its incredible vastness and some of the most action packed fishing you ever imagined. There are numerous main routes back to Ely, all fish-filled and exciting.
approximate flight price: $1,435.00

Nym Lake

From the very top of Quetico Park, take 8 days or more to explore glistening lakes interspersed with sparkling waterfalls and rapids. Vary your action from walleye and smallmouth bass to huge, silvery lake trout, superb warriors from gin-clear, icy waters. This is a trophy fish route with rod-wreckers for your photo album. Be sure to film the trip. Watch your friends drool over the action when you get back home and put the trip on your living room screen.
approximate flight price: $1,560.00

Clay Lake

The first part of this 7-day trip follows the scenic Wawaig and Greenwood rivers, through excellent moose country into sprawling Kawnipi Lake, a gold mine of jut-jawed smallmouth bass, wall hanger walleyes and sawtoothed northern pike. From here are numerous options with lake trout adding spice to the other three species. An easy route to navigate, it still contains some of the most eye-catching scenery, pine-shaded campsites, and explosive angling.
approximate flight price: $1,540.00

Three Mile Lake

This would be a great fly-in entry point for a relaxing base camp on Threemile or Wolseley lakes with only one or no portages. Superb fishing, little work, beautiful area makes this a fantastic destination.
approximate flight price: $1,295.00

Unforgettable Fly-In Trip

Want the adventure of flying in a floatplane but without the huge expense? Then we have just the canoe trip package for you! This package includes a floatplane ride to Lac La Croix Lake and our top-of-the-line Quetico/Superior Kevlar canoe package. From there you can take advantage of the excellent fishing on Lac La Croix, Iron or even Crooked Lakes. You could also choose to enter the Quetico Park! The options are wide open! Choose from the two options: Fly-In and paddle back or Fly-In and Fly-Back. Call for more details!

Fly-In and Paddle Back to Lac la Croix

Length of trip

5 days

6 days

7 days

8 days






Fly-In and Fly-Out to Lac la Croix

Length of trip

5 days

6 days

7 days

8 days






Per Adult per day. Based on 4 people. Call for price quote if group size other than 4 people.  Fuel surcharge may be added. Requires an RABC permit and a valid passport regardless of entry. No discounts allowed on this package. Sales tax not included.